Christina Psycha

New Music Album – Now Available – In Digital Formats

“Violetera” album is blending Jazz with the Greek song tradition in the most natural way. The arrangements are astonishing made by the excellent jazz pianist Nikolas Anadolis. The performance of Christina Psycha – besides her high technical level – brings out her strong personality. The whole album sounds rarely fresh which is not a small achievement for a young creator. It’s very interesting to find out how she did it.

Thanos Matzanas, National Greek Radio 08/ 2021

“If someone have shown Christina’s Psycha live performance, he can understand that there is a unique personal music statement. Her new album “Violetera” is one of the most complete works I have listen in Greece the past years”.

Sofia Theodoraki, Ert Chanion 05 / 2021

“Christina Psycha is a musical spring who knows how to engage musical styles from all over the world”.

Antigoni Panta – Harva, Popaganda 04 / 2021

7th Katara European Jazz Festival – Quatar
Christina Psycha 5tet

Christina Psycha